African American Vernacular English

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There are many forms of language in today's world. In this paper I will examine and document my research on African American Vernacular English (AAVE). This form of language is commonly known as Ebonics, or "Geechie Gullah". The meaning of language is defined as the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them and used and understood by a community l , or audible, articulated sounds as produced by the actions of the vocal organs . What is African American Vernacular, or Black English? Black English is defined as a dialect of African English characterized by pronunciations, synaptic structures, and vocabulary associated with and used by some North American black people and exhibiting a wide variety and range of forms varying in the extent to which they differ from standard English3 . African American Vernacular is very common to standard English. This language does not have a vocabulary separate from any other language. It is simply the way words are pronounced by some African Americans.
It may be wondered how this became a real originated language. Some assume that when African Americans were transported through the Atlantic Slave Trade into the states that
American English was learned slow and incorrectly by Africans and these incorrections were passed down from generation to generation . It is also believed that the Africans combined West African and English vocabulary, developing a pidgin to communicate . What happened was when the slaves arrived to
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