African American Women Essay

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From Africa to America, African American women have embraced the spirit of creativity and survival. For years the black woman has been the backbone of our culture. It was our faith and positive spirits that played a great part in surviving slavery and being treated as second class citizens during the Civil Rights Movement. Now as we enter the 21st century, it is time to exert our strengths at a new level. The African American woman's role is to grow and prosper in business, support and be active in her community, maintain a strong family foundation, be spiritually grounded and to emend our health.

Black women entering the 21st century have surpassed boundaries and developed legacies in business fields such as architecture, theatre,
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It is crucial that the African American women of the 21st century take responsibility for our health. Too many illnesses have become flashing threats to our people, such as diabetes, Aids and heart conditions. Black women have the responsibility of educating themselves to eat right, get the proper exercise and frequently see a doctor. It is beyond the point of just using Grandma's old remedies to fix everything, or assuming it won't happen to you because reality is we are dying everyday of these threats.

The role of an African American woman in the 21stcentury is simply to expand on generational wealth passed on by our ancestors. Instead of saying what we feel about our government at the family barbeque take it a step further and voice our opinions through politics. Rather than giving in to what "the in thing is," remember your morals and values and influence them on your children. Instead of burying your sisters' help them avoid health risks by watching what they eat and going to exercise. It is not a secret that we are already strong leaders emerging in our culture. The 21st century is just an opportunity to grow on what has already been shown. The wisdom of ages says that the strength of a people is measured by its women. That being true, we have much to
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