African American Women Essay

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women as necessary and essential but there was distrust of noncaring professionals and barriers to such care; and 4) folk health beliefs, practices, and indigenous health care providers were widely used by women in the African American community. (Marjorie Morgan, 1996) This research consisted of key informants and general informants. These general informants were leaders in the community, granny midwives and African American and European American health care professionals. These general informants came from the clinics and hospitals where key informants were from. The key informants from each region were women who were either pregnant or had a baby within in a year preceding the study. (Marjorie Morgan, 1996) During this study,…show more content…
Family was always there and those close to the key informants. It was stated in ways such as “She stayed with me until everything was over”. “Grandmama stayed the whole time”. This was a correlation with the connection to the elder family members in the south and how that was incorporated into care during pregnancy. In the urban areas, closeness was still expressed; however, this closeness was more likely linked to friendships or young relatives. Again, in the rural south, but in the urban north as well, religion and closeness to God was evident in describing the social structural factors of spirituality. Closeness to God was there, however, the informants did not necessarily have an affiliation to any particular church. Most of the discussion was centered around a belief in God. (Marjorie Morgan, 1996) The personal closeness to God is expressed significantly in the south. Comments such as “I just started talkin to God about it” , “God takes care of people” and “Don’t want anything to control me except Jesus”. Although not as openly expressed in the urban north, most of the discussions relating to social structural factors did center around their belief in God. This closeness and spirituality allowed the African American women in both geographical areas to face life with calmness. (Marjorie Morgan, 1996) Another research article from the Journal
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