African American Women : Hypersexualized Vs. Angry Black Woman

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African American Women: Hypersexualized vs. Angry Black Woman African American women have not had the opportunity to land career changing roles in many years. Most roles that are offered are small roles where they are seen and not really heard. There has been a shift in the past few years where African American women have increased in their appearance in television shows. Minorities have been underrepresented in television shows in the years, however in recent years there has been a trend of more minorities entering to the realm of broadcasted television shows. The Hollywood DIversity Report states,“ Minority talent claimed 16.8 percent of lead roles on cable reality and other shows during the 2012-13 season, up 3.6 percentage points from the 13.2 percent share the group claimed in 2011-12” (pg. 17). African American women roles in television have developed into two categories: the hypersexualization theme and the angry black woman theme. The idea of hypersexualization of women took shape when women were deemed men’s property. African American women have been warped into that idea as well. Hypersexualization is over sexualizing a person for their body parts and to use those body parts in a degrading manner to publically humiliate a person or for personal gain. Looking back at slavery era, slaves were raped by their masters. This idea that as an African American woman, she had no rights, she was her masters’ slave. One of the most infamous representations of the…

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