African American Women Will Be More Of A Higher Risk Than

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Hypothesis: I predict that African American women will be more of a higher risk than in Caucasian women for heart disease.

Iv: Poor eating habits, stress of everyday life, lack of exercise Dv: African American and Caucasian


Over the past few years, heart disease has been the number one killer in women

particularly in African American. Risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking

and obesity as well as non biological factors have been the main contributors to this

disease. In this study, we wanted to examine that African American women are at a

higher risk than Caucasian women. The results demonstrated that African American have

higher risks in battling heart diseases as opposed to their white women.


Heart diseases are known as one of the top killers of the 21st century including to

be more dangerous than Cancer. Different conditions that can affect the heart is

what is known as “heart disease or cardiovascular disease.”( They have no

boundaries or preferences in gender, race, or ethnicity making them that much

more dangerous because anyone can have them. They are referred to as being

“silent killers” because most of the time they are so sneaky and unpredictable.

For example, one of the most common heart diseases are heart attacks. This can

happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere, no one is exempt from having a heart

attack not even the…
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