African Americans And African American Males

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Currently, African Americans make up nearly one million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population. Nearly one in three African American males born today can expect to serve time in prison during their lifetime (NAACP, 2015). A central issue in today’s society is the rate of criminalization of African American males. There are many speculations on this topic; however, the central one is when a crime is committed then there is “time” to be served. However, the time served by African American males is disproportionate than that of Caucasian counterparts for the exact same crime. The lack of concern that is presented over the clear overrepresentation of African American males in the prison system is appalling. The present analysis will offer a comprehensive summary of the different factors that are to be taken into account of the stigmatization of African American male offenders. These factors include treatment while incarcerated, family support, the impact of the incarceration on the family, and the correlation between different social and contextual factors and incarceration. African American Males Research shows that individuals of African American descent are imprisoned more often than Caucasians. When it comes to prison, African American males seem to be discriminated against. In 2001, a total of 16.6% of African American males were incarcerated in a State or Federal prison (Bonczar, 2003). According to the Bonczar (2003), one in three African American
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