African Americans And Black Crime

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A challenge I think African Americans families face in the 21st century is black on black crime. Just recently in the Brown vs Ferguson case African Americans properties were destroyed, vandalize, and burned after the verdict of officer Wilson not being indicted. I thought instead of the African Americans going against each other they should have showed more respect and honor for each other. The Micheal Brown case was a tragic loss to the black community, especially after the lost of Trayvon Martin having the same verdict. African Americans as a whole could have shown a little more of a positive response to each other. Black on black crime that occurs when the poorest, weakest members of a population turn on each other out of desperation. African Americans come against peers and neighborhoods who are black. African Americans are the number one race in America by a percentage of 49% of crime within each other, followed by American Indians. Today African Americans are about 13 percent of the population and continue to be responsible for an inordinate amount of crime. The black arrest rate for most offenses; include robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes as you seen in recent justice cases such as Brown and Trayvon. Black on black crime has been a part of the American lexicon for years(Bain & Friends, 2000). The willingness of so many black Americans to kill and hurt one another by not being able to see each other as a family, despite common past and present. The
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