African Americans And The Caucasian Race

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Do African Americans as a people have equal rights as those of the Caucasian race? Are we not under the same Constitution and Judicial system? Some would argue yes and some would argue no. What side are you on? Why is it that so many race crimes have occurred against African Americans in the past seven years and the race of the person committing the crime is of the Caucasian race? Is it that racism still exists? In the free world we live in we are still in bondage to the never ending struggle of racism. Racism as a whole leads to segregation and the improper use of laws. Again why are we facing these struggles following a document that was claimed to “forever free” slaves? The Emancipation formally freed African Americans but we are still…show more content…
It exists everywhere and is prevalent in our daily lives without even fully being aware of it. How many times do you drive in a bad neighborhood or are in your car at night and lock your door when you see a guy or group of guys walk pass? How many times is the guy or group of guys of the African American race? We live in a world that socially and economically puts labels on people because of the color of their skin, geographic location and demographic, and the way they dress and how they speak. This is evident in every single part of the nation we live in. For example, I am from Columbus, Ohio and I went to a small private school in the suburbs that was predominately black. I have participated in games against other schools in our league and in other counties of my state, where we were called “niggers” by players and even parents throughout competition. Imagine in some cases being called that by even the sporting officials, and even further if they do not physically say it they have the ability to make games harder on you and give you unfair penalties. Majority of the time these referees are the same referees game after game, or even from these counties. There was no going to the referees and you could not get upset and act out of character because then you are only behaving as the “nigger” they already think you are. According To Kenneth T. Ponds racism causes trauma and he states that “Racial trauma is the physiological, psychological, and emotional damage resulting
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