African Americans And The Civil War

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In the historical backdrop of the United States, African Americans have dependable been victimized. When Africans first came to America, they had no choice but to be slaves. The progressed toward becoming slaves to the rich, covetous, lethargic Americans. African Americans had given no compensation and regularly whipped and beaten. They battled for their opportunity, yet when the Civil War came African Americans had this logic that if they were to join the Civil War they could liberate all slaves. However, their chance of becoming soldiers and battling in the Civil War was not an easy process. Likewise, they were criticized for not being the right group of people to join the war. With the criticism, they receive they never give up. Having…show more content…
African Americans saw the Civil War as a chance to win freedom and pick up regard. Blacks in the North who were free from servitude energetically promised their administration to battle in the Union Army However, President Lincoln denied all their admissions because of political circumstances. Lincoln understood that the issue of Black soldiers would be grievous by society and would not be acknowledged. At first, the Union Army used Northern Blacks from the free states to calm Whites from everyday assignments that were basic to keep up the armed forces, therefore arranging White soldiers into battle. As the Union Armies moved further into Confederate region, they experienced numerous runaway slaves (Ford 25). These group of slaves were the ones that contributed most to the Union exertion. This was valid for two reasons. To start with, there were numerous Blacks in the South compared to the North, about four million contrasted with two hundred thousand. Also, the Blacks in the South had more question, once they exited the Confederate state to join The Union was no turning back. In addition, they would be considered as traitors however runaway slaves too were also going to face demise if they were caught (Ford 33). When Union Armies would experience runaway slaves, they would either hold them until their proprietor recovered them or they would give back these individuals to the correct Confederate Officials (33). This

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