African Americans And The Civil War

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Throughout history African Americans have had is bad in the United States. First they went through slavery which lasted about two hundred year and was ended around the Civil War which was in the 1860s-1870s. Next after they went through slavery they went through the law of Jim Crow that started after the Civil War which stated, “Separate but Equal”, and that was not the case because African Americans were still treated as second class citizens. After about ninety years around the 1960s Dr. Martin Luther King came on the scene with the civil rights and helped abolish the Jim Crow. Things were good for African Americans for about ten years or so, and then Nixon become president and started a war on drugs. This war was not meant for drugs, it was meant for African Americans. They felt the force that was brought on due to the war on drugs because it was a way to oppress the like in the past. And once again black people were second class citizens. This is the main argument presented my Michelle Alexander in her book The New Jim Crow. In her book she debates that the War on Drugs and Mass incarceration is nothing more than the system trying to enslave African Americans like it centuries ago. She explains in her book that making this such as mandatory minimums and drug public enemy number one did nothing but cause black people to become the slaves that their ancestors were in a country that is meant to help them. I totally agree with her argument because while reading her book

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