African Americans And The Civil War

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After the civil war African Americans hoped that the world they lived in would be an equal one; little did they know they had more struggles to conquer. Three major amendments were passed to provide African Americans with equality; the 13th amendment officially and finally put an end to slavery and any future involuntary servitude, the 14th amendment states that colored men and women were given citizenship, and the 15th amendment gave black men the right to vote. Although these amendments were passed, people in the south found a way to go around and make living for colored people hard and unequal. They did this by passing the Jim Crow laws. Jim crows allowed segregation in anything possible, this made it hard for blacks to easily visit public places, live in certain areas and one of the major topics, schools. Brown v. the board of education was a widely discussed case; many people referred this case back to an earlier court decision, Plessy v. Ferguson.
Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896 was an U.S. Supreme Court case supported segregation under the “separate but equal” policy. It came from an 1892 incident in which an African-American train passenger, Homer Plessy, refused to sit in a Jim Crow car. At the time this was a Louisiana law he was breaking. Dismissing Plessy’s argument that his constitutional rights were violated, the Court came to the conclusion that a state law that “implies merely a legal distinction” between whites and blacks did not clash with the 13th and14th…

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