African Americans And The Criminal Justice System

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Throughout American history, the African-American population has been in the minority, and has been persecuted for hundreds of years. What Taylor-Thompson is stating is that African-Americans usually hold the minority in court decisions as well, which poses a problem due to the majority overriding their vote. Due to the racial tensions, the judicial system ultimately changed in order to include more minorities in juries, however it was lopsided during the Simpson trial. During the tumultuous 1990s, there were many racial incidents, most famously the Rodney King incident. After the assault of African American Rodney King, an all white jury acquitted several white police officers of assaulting King (Kelly, 1). This led to the criminal justice system to be questioned if it “...was being fair to all individuals regardless of race or socio-economic status.” (Kelly, 1) When the Simpson trial started to form, Simpson’s “Dream Team” did everything they could in order to win the case, even if that meant exploiting the racial inequalities prominent at the time. According to author Carl E. Enomoto, “(Marcia) Clark further believed that the defense did everything possible to eliminate those potential jurors who were not black and who were educated. After all was said and done, the jury consisted of six black females, two black males, two Hispanics, one half Native-American male, and one white female (and twelve alternates).” (Enomoto, 147) This explains why the Mark Fuhrman tapes
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