African Americans And The European System Of Africa

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Many different races once considered Africa, as a continent that could not support itself since Africans were savages who were not able to prosper on their own. Because of this, life was not easy for Africans and their way of living was very mediocre. Africans’ weakness eventually became evident to the other nations of the world. The European system for instance, fortunately for them, decided to take control of Africa. This was a decision that benefited them financially as they exploited the richness that Africa enfolded. Although many Europeans believed that Africans were much more inferior to them because of their skin color, they knew the significance of the richness that Africa’s soil could give them. It is true that the European’s territories produced many goods and luxury items that they learned to exploit for themselves, but they were not satisfied. Europeans were still in need of many other goods that their territories could not provide them or at least not as prominently as they would have liked it. Because of this, they turned to the resources that the African soil to compensate for the lacks of the Europeans’ territories. This was a common practice at the time; it was simply colonialism. As this paragraph shows, colonialism had many negative impacts on the African continent and in other places throughout the world. However, some good also came from colonialism, such as introducing technology to the archaic territories. But does this justify the torment and turmoil…
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