African Americans And The European System Of Africa

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Many different races once considered Africa, as a continent that could not support itself since Africans were savages who were not able to prosper on their own. Because of this, life was not easy for Africans and their way of living was very mediocre. Africans’ weakness eventually became evident to the other nations of the world. The European system for instance, fortunately for them, decided to take control of Africa. This was a decision that benefited them financially as they exploited the richness that Africa enfolded. Although many Europeans believed that Africans were much more inferior to them because of their skin color, they knew the significance of the richness that Africa’s soil could give them. It is true that the European’s…show more content…
In my opinion, there is no amount of good that could excuse or justify the way the actions of European nation during colonialism in Africa. For instance, cotton was very difficult for Europeans to obtain from their soil and climate. Cotton is a plant that demands specifics requirements in order for it to continuously grow and prosper. The Europeans unsuccessfully met these requirements. Cotton was a necessity that was excessively useful and it was very much demanded. When Europeans took control of Africa, the need of cotton was no longer a problem for them. Africa has a rich soil, a warm climate and provided all the requirements that cotton demanded to flourish. Eventually, Europeans benefited from their gain of the continent and their economy was growing exponentially. Cotton was not the only resource that Europeans needed from Africa. Europe was in need of many raw materials that they could not produce or did not have access to abundantly. This was one of the many reasons why the European system acquired territories on the African continent. The industry was a crucial part of European economy. In order to remain financially successful and continue to grow economically, they (Europeans) had to rely on the raw materials that were available in Africa. In the process of becoming wealthy nations, European countries brutally mistreated, humiliated and eventually dehumanized the African people. Slavery was justified to
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