African Americans At The Millennium

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CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: AFRICAN AMERICANS AT THE MILLENNIUM & CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: THE TRIUMPH OF BLACK POLITICS: 1980 TO THE PRESENT 1. How did Reginald Lewis become the wealthiest black man in America? a. He was a music producer, for people like Michael Jackson. b. He founded the computer company Microsoft. c. He was a successful businessman. d. He was a well-known actor in several films, under the name Denzel Washington. 2. How did the economic situation for blacks change in the late twentieth century compared to the mid twentieth century? a. More black women were forced into domestic and food service jobs. b. Black family income increased dramatically. c. Black wealth completely closed the income gap with whites. d. Overall, economic opportunities for blacks dropped dramatically. 3. Which of the following is not true regarding African Americans and inner-city poverty? a. Inner cities are generally cut off from the rest of society. b. Inner cities have high rates of HIV infection and increased levels of violence and crime. c. Poor black children are adversely affected, since they often live only with their mothers, who have limited access to jobs and education to help them move out of poverty. d. Most African Americans have moved out of poverty in the inner cities. 4. How did the recession of 2001 and 2008 affect black women in particular? a. They actually made some gains, as they took jobs white women vacated. b. Black women began both recessions with
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