African Americans During The Reconstruction Of The South And The Jews

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One of the most frightening things is to realize the government is not on the same side as you. Unfortunately, that is what happened with the African-Americans during the reconstruction of the south and the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. Those who are supposed to help all of the nation and be fair and just were not and turned against them. It was hard. The people suffered in many ways. There were unjust politics, terror groups, rights were taken, and fallacies spread against them. What is worse is that this kind of treatment happens throughout history and even today too so many groups. It is important to understand how to recognize this and bring it to an end. Sadly, politics is a very sticky topic no matter which way it is thrown. Not everyone can be pleased, however, that is not an excuse to enslave, or dominate an entire race. This is what the South did after the war. Once the emancipation proclamation was released the southern government worked to find loopholes to continue working the African-Americans community like they did before. The government created the Jim Crow laws in retaliation to the Civil Rights Act of 1875. (Reconstruction from the African American Perspective, pp12.) The act was there to make sure that all citizens were equally represented in the eyes of the law. There is one big problem with their plan to keep dominance, they were outnumbered. (Reconstruction from the African American Perspective, pp7.) The South eventually had to allow the

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