African Americans During The Revolutionary War

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After centuries of being enslaved in the Americas, negroes, otherwise referred to as African Americans, progressively began to fight back in hopes of ascertaining freedom and liberty. Specifically, during the time period of 1550- 1800s, African Americans employed different tactics, that would aid them in gaining their independence. They did so in numerous ways, one of the many examples would include joining in the Revolutionary War. With the mindset, that by doing so, they were fighting for their freedom, this fueled them with enough ambition to fight. Likewise, another way in which African- Americans payed for their freedom was by actually paying for it. Black people could be “liberated” by their masters by paying with labor, or crops. …show more content…

The English men issued out this Proclamation in light of the fact that it would be inhumane to send the negroes back to their masters after all they had done to help. Nevertheless, this strategy is also exemplified by Earl of Dunmore, the British governor of Virginia, who declared all Negros free. Under the intentions, that by freeing them, they’d help the colonies in defeating the British. This proclamation, proved to be a mutual benefit; the blacks got away from their masters, and the whites got their foot soldiers. In summary, black people attempted to gain their freedom by joining in war. Just like how the negroes grouped together to fight in the war, they also grouped together to form the Maroons. Only this time, they formed in opposition to their oppressors, the Maroons were a bandit of runaway slaves, that were ready to bear arms against their masters. Showing that some black people used force and fear to gain their freedom. As an example, according to an account by Thomas Gage, and English Catholic priest it shoes how the Maroons gained their power and independence. Based on information on the source, the runaway slaves fled to the woods and created their own civilization, while increasing their population They also created weapons and tools, of which would prove useful if they encountered any threatful Spaniards. Too add on, in

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