African Americans ' Fight For Liberation

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Strong. Determined. Beautiful. These are words that have been used to describe a race that through trial and tribulation has never faltered in their struggle for justice in an unjust world. African Americans ' fight for liberation in the early to mid-1900s has paid off in many ways, but it is their tenacious efforts in acquiring equality that has given them such acclamation. While it is clear that America’s history of African American oppression is explicitly cruel and barbaric, I argue that the aftermath of such a grim past has helped to affirm a culturally rich, strong, and resilient race. Through abuse, prejudice, and death, African Americans have remained strong by becoming united in times of duress, never losing hope in a better future, and remaining persistent in their efforts to change their social inequality. Thanks to the endeavors of many influential figures, both whites and blacks alike, slavery was abolished in 1865. With the liberation of millions of slaves came America 's Reconstruction Period. Many white Southerners reacted to the abolishment of slavery with dismay. Some were willing to leave the South all together, while others resorted to violence because they were unwilling to accept a new relationship with former slaves. During this time, the meaning of freedom had become a subject of conflict, and newly freed African Americans sought to give a new perspective to that meaning (Foner and Mahoney, "America 's Reconstruction"). During the Reconstruction…
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