African Americans Freedom

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Wondering!! The struggles of African Americans to establish their freedom is a big part of American history. From the time of slavery until recent days, changes have taken place to better the lives of many. Names such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Jackie Robinson are names forever recognized and remembered by every American black or white. Many of those people led the way and instituted themselves leaders in the movement which directed everything that is connected to the life of African Americans. The biography of Anne Moody Coming of Age in Mississippi chronicles the many events she lives while enduring the harshness of discrimination. Moody’s traces her life from the age of four to twenty three divided into…show more content…
While in high school, Moody learns about a boy from Chicago, Emmett Till, who is lynched for whistling at a white girl. Moody is shocked about and begins to question her parents and everyone around her about the reality of the incident. Like her mother, many African Americans at the time understand that it is better to be quiet than to be dead. They comprehend that such events are not discussed and children are not told anything for their protection. However, her mother’s silence and warning pleas only make Moody more in need for answers and explanations. The death of Emmett Till ignites in her a fire she does not realize existed. She is very bothered and disturbed by the event, yet there are no solutions or responses that could help her understand. She needs to find people or places that can extinguish some of her anxiety. Moody at this stage, due to the lack of knowledge, becomes very fearful because she begins to think that she might be killed simply for being black. Her fears mirror the feelings of many African Americans during the time of the Civil Rights Movements because that fear lives in them every day and every night. Though they know their protests are the right thing to do and they are righteous, they still fear the unknown and often hidden hands of the “evil spirit.” For Moody, unearthing the answers to her many questions is her only method of surviving, so she starts her journey of

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