African Americans Have Been Victims Of Racist And Discriminatory

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African Americans have been victims of racist and discriminatory practices since they were forcibly shipped to America in the 1600s (Chaney & Robertson, 2013). Racism is defined as a belief system that justifies the racial and ethnic inequality of minority members. Discrimination is a specific behavior aimed at denying persons of a particular race equal access to societal rewards. These two heinous attitudes and behaviors have been forcibly brought to the attention of the public by the media in scenarios of police brutality and unequal practices toward minority individuals; specifically African American men. Rodney King, Malice Green, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, and Walter Scott are all African American men that…show more content…
After the verdict LA immediately exploded into violence which took the lives of 60 people and cost the city an estimated one billion dollars in property damage (Sigelman et al., 1997). Most Americans, both black and white were surprised about the jury verdict with 92% of blacks and 64% whites indicated on a survey that the officers should have been convicted. Black men are constantly prime targets of white supremacy (Johnson & Bryan, 2017). In 2014, Michael Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri by a white police officer which quickly sparked protests across the nation (Chernega, 2016). The Governor declared Missouri in a state of emergency in fear of what may happen after the grand jury decided on the fate of Officer Darren Wilson. After over 100 days of trial the jury decided to not convict the officer of murder and there was an immediate response of the public. Activists began using hashtag Black Lives Matter to bring attention to these violent incidents as well as the continual systematic abuse of black members of society by the police. Violence, such as this, against black males are learned though a socially instilled view of race. Society takes cues about how to treat African American men from past and current stereotypes that often misrepresent them (Johnson & Bryan, 2017). This vilification of black boys and criminalization of their behavior leads to the unjust killing of black men. It is clear the racism

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