African Americans Influence On Music

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In today’s day and age, it’s easy to hear black culture represented in most hip-hop; that is the dominating music genre that expresses African American views. It’s not so easy to remember where African Americans influence on music al began. Black influence on music today is really unrecognized but it’s important to bring to light just how much African Americans really have contributed to the sound, style, and feel of today’s music. Not just hip-hop or rap, but all kinds of music. There was one particular sound that really changed America and that was Motown. It was one of the most powerful social and cultural changes to happen to the music industry. Motown brought a racially divided country together and touched the hearts of everyone. It all began when songwriter Berry Gordy founded a label, bought a house, and set up a recording studio in the basement in Detroit. One of the many famous bands/artists to be signed by Motown was the Jackson 5. He got them on The Ed Sullivan show and the rest is history. His cliental grew and the talent kept coming. The lyrics and arrangements being made were simple but they spoke to the heart (Cruz 2009). The creativity that came to be because of Motown, created has a strong mark on the backbone of music. Now that we’ve talked a little bit about a predominately black sound and culture, let’s move on to some other genres. Jazz was born in the United States and words like ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ were originally jazz terms. It isn’t totally clear on
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