African Americans Need To Understand “The Necessity, As

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African Americans need to understand “the necessity, as well as the propriety, of behaving themselves inoffensively and with civility at all times and upon all occasions; taking care, as they pass along the streets, or assemble together, not to be obtrusive” in order to not “provoke” further violence. Those were the recommendations of the citizens’ committee that investigated the causes that had led to the Philadelphia race riot in 1834, during which a mob of Whites viciously attacked African Americans, violently assaulting many and destroying much of the city’s African American infrastructure, forcing many to leave the City of Brotherly Love. Many of those who dared to stay ended up homeless. Predictably, the committee that investigated…show more content…
While Eagles acknowledges that the activist standpoint is not likely to disappear in the near future, his call for more objectivity in how historians of the civil rights movement conduct their research has not received the attention it deserves. In the article, which was released five years before Jacqueline Dowd Hall’s call for a long civil rights movement concept captured the imagination of a great number of scholars, Eagles requests a reassessment and broadening of the scholarship that went well beyond the demand for a more detached analysis of the movement.

BLACK POWER Beginning with the moment Stokely Carmichael issued his call for Black Power during the “March Against Fear” in June of 1966, people have agreed to disagree about the implications of the term and its relevance to the ongoing struggle for racial equality. Since that time, scholars, pundits, and the public have shared their various interpretations of the event/term and its long-term implications. While some of these statements were better informed than others, few people in 1966 would have suggested that the call for Black Power was not a clear departure from the previous phase of the struggle for civil rights, with which most Americans, thanks to the broad media attention it received, had been fairly familiar. Over the following years, the media’s focus shifted toward the photogenic yet

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