African Americans On Education : Malcolm X On A Homemade Education

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Views of African Americans on education: Malcolm X on a Homemade Education; W.E.B. Dubois in Education; and Oliver Crowell Cox in Education
Okema Johnson
Coppin State University
IDST 499-401
Dr. Ray
September 9, 2015

Education is an important aspect in the lives of many individuals. Education is often seen as a means to better oneself. With education, a whole new world can be opened up to individuals. For African Americans education is key to achieving a variety of things in life. During the days of slavery, African Americans were not allowed to be educated. It was frowned upon and strictly discouraged because slave masters knew that they could not dominate an educated person. Any slave caught trying to read or write was punished. There are many individuals whose main purpose is to fight for the rights and equality of African Americans and fighting for the right to be educated was one of these goals. African Americans alike wanted to be educated because they know it would lead to progress and a better overall situation. Now in today’s society we see that even though many before us has fought for the right to be educated some do not see it as a privilege. In this paper, the views of Malcolm X, W.E.B. DuBois and Oliver Cromwell Cox will be examined in regards to their thoughts on education. Malcolm X is known for his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement as well as being a leader of the Nation of Islam (Bio, 2015). Before Malcolm X began making a…
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