African Americans : Same Fight For The Civil Rights Act Of 1968

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Kevyn Martinez
Storytelling and Culture
Doctor Jeri Burns
Final Paper
May 13, 2016
African Americans: Same Fight in a Different Time
All through history, African Americans has been underrepresented in instruction, in the workforce, movies, and medical coverage. African Americans have been buckling down from the day they arrived this area, however, they have yet to achieve full representation in a large number of this country 's leading organizations and society. For over hundreds of years, they have been fighting for equality and to own a voice not as a "nigger/nigga," not as a colored, but rather as a person, and individuals who have been mistreated with cruelty and inequality. African Americans have been through all the pain and suffering to overcome accomplishing different goals through history. Whether it was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 or the Civil Rights Act of 1968. After, memorable and remarkable individual accomplishments of African American men and women; even to this date, they are fighting for what their predecessors struggled to achieve, equality, freedom, and justice. However, now the fight is covered under indirect racism and generalizations. To understand the present, we first must understand the past and what African Americans confronted including the obstacles placed in their path.
From the start of United States history, Native Americans and African Americans have been in a historical relationship to both assist and oppose the Europeans. Indians were
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