African Americans and Cotton Fields

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Slavery has been one of the longest standing legal systems used throughout history. History shows that the first settlers in North America, both the Vikings and Native Americans, were the first cultures to practice slavery in the area. Slavery continued through early modern history, aiding in the discovery of North America by the Spaniards and British. Slavery was a fundamental asset in developing the new world economically and was seen as a key element in the expansion of America. Slavery maintained its economic importance until the 19th Century when it was abolished with the Emancipation Proclamation.
Throughout history, slavery has been one of the longest standing legal systems in North America. Before the 1st century during Ancient Times, many Native American tribes practiced some form of slavery. This tribal slavery was dated before the European introduction of African American slaves and continued through the 19th century. Native Americans often enslaved captives from tribal feuds, or casualties from tribal wars. Captives were used for little labor, but were rather maintained for future exchange with other tribes as peace offerings or for redeeming their own tribal members from captors. Often captives were also held as slaves to redeem payment of a debt owed from other tribes. Various…
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