African Ancestry : Black Athletes

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28 of the last 38 world record holders in the men 's 100-meter dash have been black athletes.(Rowan,2010) Of course, there are successful white athletes, but, overall, black dominance on the race track is very apparent. Athletes of African ancestry hold genetic advantages in the sport of running.Of the top 200 official times at the 100 meter dash, not one has been run by a white athlete. Only black sprinters have (officially) run under 10 seconds in the 100 meter dash.(Lindsey 2000) Every winner of the 100m since the inaugural event in 1983 has been black, as has every finalist from the last 10 championships with the sole exception of Matic Osovnikar of Slovenia, who finished seventh in 2007.(BBC 2011) Over the past 45 years it has become…show more content…
Black people are made to be faster. "Blacks tend to have longer limbs with smaller circumferences, meaning that the location of their centers of gravity is higher compared to whites of the same height," (Bejan, 2010), a professor at Duke University. "Asians and whites usually tend to have longer torsos, so their centers of gravity are lower." (Rowan,2010)

The location of a person 's center of gravity affects the speed that their feet are moving when they reach their final destination,the ground, thus resulting in either a faster or slower end time.(Rowan, 2010) Each step a runner takes is basically like falling except the athlete breaks the fall when their foot hits the ground, and they repeat the process again. The faster they are able to repeat the motion, the faster they reach their destination, which in most cases is the finish line. So the feet of an athlete with a higher center of gravity will hit the ground a lot quicker than someone with a lower center of gravity- a longer torso. (Rowan, 2010) The reason black athletes are so much faster, is in their belly buttons.The navel, or belly button, is the center of gravity of the body, and given two runners or swimmers of the same height, one black and one white, what matters the most is not the total height but the location of the belly-button, or center of gravity on the athlete.(News One, 2010) A black athlete’s shorter torso benefits them on the
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