African And African Slave Trade In The Atlantic World

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African Slave Trade in the Atlantic World Natives and African both experienced harsh punishments and work ethic in the 16th to 19th century due to the extensive need for labor in both fields and mines. Thus resulting in a tragic outcome for the slaves but, for European a good way to find the path to riches and growth in the social structure. Before the Americas slavery had existed in Africa for a long time dating back to the 1600’s. Muslim rulers had justified that any prisoner of could be bought or sold as a slave if they were a non-muslim believer. However, the rate of slaves initially sold by Muslims was lower than the rate compared to the Europeans, resulting in 17 million Africans were sold to Muslim lands in North Africa and Southwest Asia between 650 and 1600. Slavery in the most African and Muslim societies were rather different to slavery in the Americas. Slaves there may have had some legal rights and opportunities to move up from their social class. Although like the Americas few Africans were able to hold political positions and if they were to some would have served as general in the army. AS well as having an easier working condition there were also easier ways to get out of slavery including marrying into the family they had served. After the Europeans had discovered the Americas they thrived for the need of labor on their fields, which at that time was very popular to grow sugar or tobacco. After being captured from Africa men and women were sent on
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