African Authors And The African Diaspora

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Anglophone Literature – Long Paper 1

African Authors and the African diaspora in the Colonist Countries

This paper explores and analyses the ways in which African writers portray the African diaspora living outside of Africa in the colonial nations; of which England and France would be primary examples. The primary sources for the analyses focus on the text Our Sister Killjoy by Aidoo. House of Hunger by Marechera has been used as a secondary reference. The paper presents the various reactions highlighted in the works, and then seeks to analyse and argue for possible reasons for the presented reactions, touches upon the theme of African nativism, and most importantly analyses colonial power structures that still dominate the discourse in and about Africa.

The following paragraph presents some illustrations of the reactions towards the English African diaspora characterised by Aidoo’s work. There is a consistent stream of curt, judgemental remarks, almost resembling disdain, that runs through the work; criticising, and at some point, strongly condemning the African diaspora. Throughout Sissy’s travels through Europe, and particularly through England, she is critical of the conditions, choices, and lifestyles of the local African diaspora. The paper highlights and explores these instances.

At certain points through her travels through England, Aidoo uses vivid remarks to describe the poverty-stricken nature of the African diaspora in London; she mentions that their shoes
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