African Based Civil Society : An Effective Public Health System Fund

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The supererogatory capitalist mentality reinforced in American society as a means of success and an acceptable manner to diligently fulfill ethical and moral obligations has been streamlined through the allocation of financial resources, however, these contributions have failed to educate West Africans about precautionary measures, build an effective public health infrastructure and has generated a new strain of the virus: Ebola Debt. Since the recent outbreak of Ebola in early 2014 politicians and public health officials have collaborated with the World Health Organization to dedicate the “Health System Fund” aiming to repay what a large portion of the population claims to be a debt to our allies, which beguiles the general public of its impact and portrays America as heroic for coming to Africa’s aid. While the principal focal point of this war is addressing the monetary external debts, the devastating aftermath has left ruins of financial debt that have infected humanity globally causing society to evaluate past “deposits and withdrawals”. The proportionality of the debts relief’s effectiveness and the prognosis of socio-economic consequences underscores a principal inquiry of African-based civil society organizations, public health and the International Monetary Fund: who owes whom? America’s ill representation of the intervention as a repayment bank transaction of literal debt to receive “credit” instead of a moral “debt” and global responsibility, manifested itself as…
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