African Civilizations And The Spread Of Islam

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Cornell Notes Topic/Objective:
Chapter 8:African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam Name: Maddy Garza
Class/Period: 4B
Date: September 18, 2015

African Societies: Diversity and Similarities

– Stateless Societies

- Common Elements in African Societies

The Arrival of Islam in North Africa

The Christian Kingdoms: Nubia and Ethiopia

Kingdom of the Grasslands

Sudanic States

The Empire of Mali and Sundiata, the “Lion Prince”

City Dwellers and Villagers

The Songhay Kingdom

Political and Social Life in the Sudanic States

Swahili Coast of East Africa

The Coastal Trading Ports

The Mixture of Cultures

Peoples of the Forest and Plains:
Artists and Kings; Yoruba and Benin

Central African Kingdoms

The Kingdoms of Kongo and Mwene Mutapa • 800-1500 C.E. Byzantium and Islamic contact outside of Africa increased with assistance from changes in social, religious and technology
• Islam spreads to India reveals religious, commercial and military attributes
• Muslim Africa linked to Islamization through politics, trade and religion.
• 1450 – Islam provides contact between sub-Saharan Africa and the world.
• Mali and Songhay dependent on military power more so than in cultural unity.
• Differences between technology and ideology

• Lack of political unity in Africa caused by
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