African Culture And Black Consciousness

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There have been many to write about the struggles, misfortunates and traditions of those who were enslaved. There have also been scholars who argued that upon their arrival, the enslaves came to North America as blank slates and were complete submissive to authority. In this ideology, many scholars believed enslaves traditions, customs, folk stories all derived or mimic European culture. This ideology also implies that those who were enslaved lacked any social or structural guidance, religious beliefs, values and heritage. While there are many examples of slave traditions and customs that have similar attributes of the Euro-American culture, there are many elements of their West African culture that remained authentic and in practice when slaves were shipped to North America. These same traditions gave them strength and courage to resistant their oppressor and challenge their current social environment. In Lawrence Levine, Black Culture and Black Consciousness, he provides example of blacks exemplifying agency over their current situation as well as how these customs and traditions where they derived from. This paper will discuss how those enslaved exercised agency through music, spirituality, and folk tales to excerpt their independence and challenge the agreement of the tabula rasa slave and docility within slavery. The use of song literature, dance and rhythm was just one of the many pieces of cultural elements enslaves brought over to the U.S. from West Africa. The
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