African Development And Income Inequalities

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Africa is a continent rich in culture, resources, and potential. But when compared to the rest of the world, Africa stands as the poorest continent despite having some of the world’s richest natural resources. Africa has some of the poorest life expectancy, highest HIV/AIDS rates, malnutrition and infant mortality rates in the world (African Development Bank Group, "Income Inequality in Africa", 2012, p. 2). It leaves one to question the reason for such disparity within the continent. The following will provide an in-depth analysis into one of the many reasons for such inequalities and poverty. I will argue that tribalism imbedded in African culture has had a significant role in the lack of economic development and income inequalities. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a major role in the success of economies. However due to inequalities caused by tribalism, ICTs are not available for many individuals in Africa. This causes further income gap and disparities for the continent as a whole. This report will examine the role that tribalism in Africa and it has played in the advancement and development or lack thereof in the continent’s education, agriculture, government and health prosperity.
History of Tribalism Europeans introduced nationalism, the sense of belonging to a nation or country, to Africa few centuries ago. “The purpose of Nationalism was to weaken tribal loyalty and to instill in people a sense of solidarity despite ethnic and tribal…
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