African Diaspora Essay

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In simple terms, the Diaspora as a concept, describes groups of people who currently live or reside outside the original homelands. We will approach the Diaspora from the lenses of migration; that the migration of people through out of the African continent has different points of origin, different patterns and results in different identity formations. Yet, all of these patterns of dispersion and germination/ assimilation represent formations of the Diaspora. My paper will focus on the complexities of the question of whether or not Africans in the Diaspora should return to Africa. This will be focused through the lenses of the different phases in the Diaspora. The historical Diaspora confirms…show more content…
According to (Harris 2001), "the importance of the historical Diaspora was that Africans like other people have traveled abroad as free people, settled down and made important contributions to many Europeans and Asian countries." The Historical Diaspora was mainly the dispersion of Africans in the world and their settlements. They maintained a consciousness of Africa and their Identity while adapting and making positive contributions to their adopted homelands. This made them create an identity of who they want to be because in the historical Diaspora there was "free fluidity" and that enabled them to do whatever they wanted for that reason there was no constraints. Prior to when the Europeans conducted slave trade, Arabs conducted a slave trade across the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea taking Africans to Arabia, India and the Far East. Due to this Arabian slave trade, in our present day, several discrete communities of African descent can be found in cities, towns and regions of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and India. The great dispersion of Africans however did not occur until the European Exploration in the fifteenth century that "led to the greatest Expersion of Africans in the world and in history." The well-known "Slave Coast" of West Africa was the area where most Africans were captured and sent to Europe and America to be sold and enslaved. Most of the slaves worked
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