African Elephants In Kingdom Animalia

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African elephants, Loxodonta africana, are found in Kingdom Animalia. They’re native to the rainforests in central and West Africa and are also located in the sub-Saharan Africa (“African”). Elephants are herbivores, meaning they only consume plants for nutrients. They begin the extracellular digestion process when the food enters through the mouth. They break it down mechanically with their teeth. It then travels down their esophagus, into their stomachs, and then makes its way down to their intestines. Elephant intestines can reach up to 19 meters (64 feet). The waste is then emptied when the elephant defecates (MacKenzie). Elephants use their kidneys for excretion. When they build up ammonia, they turn it into urea. The urea is released through urine. Elephants have particularly large lungs that fasten directly to the…show more content…
The male’s sperm is released into the egg and then conception occurs. It is internal fertilization. The males are ready to mate around the age of 40 or 50, and the females are prepared for breeding at about 14 years. They are usually pregnant for 2 years and then a calf is born (“Elephant”).
Elephants have endoskeletons that provide structural support. Another part of their skeletal system includes joints that are held together by ligaments which help land mammals to move comfortably. Their muscles also control movement. The tendons connect their muscles to their bones. All together, these structures control how the elephant is able to stand, walk, bend, and other such movements.
An elephant has a strong sense of smell and hearing. The trunks of elephants are extremely sensitive to the touch. They have many nerve endings that send information to the brain. These same nerve endings are located in the bottom of the elephants’ feet. When they sense danger, they prepare to protect themselves. While they do not like to fight, they have stable tusks to help them protect themselves and thick outer skin
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