African Empires

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There is no other way to look at what the African People had for advancements in technology had that kingdom tribes. Europeans arrived in the 15th-16th century, but before that the African people had so many achievements under their belt.These cities became emperors in the 300s. Each empire had their hand in the control of the salt and gold trade. The cities got power from trade and became centers of living. Throughout the 300s cities turned into empires and also fell.The three most known empires in the west are Ghana, Mali, Songhai. Ghana rose to control the power of the trans-saharan gold and salt trade between 700-1067. The Empire of Mali rose around 1235. Within this empire was the city of Timbuktu. Finally the Songhai empire lasted from…show more content…
During the rule of Mansa Musa the city of Timbuktu was the learning center of Africa. During the reign of Songhai and Mali rulers many educational inventions were made because their rulers felt educations was important. Even without European technology the empires still discovered things on their own. Mali’s large university attracted many scholars. In the Kingdom of Songhai education was supported by the rule Mohammed I Askia just like Mansa Musa did. Mohammed supported Islamic…show more content…
The empire's had many achievements within their reigns such as political structure. Which was important with the trade routes and the salt-gold trade. The political structure that the empire's had allowed them to control the trade routes and reign for much longer. The strong governments allowed citizens to feel safe, which limited rebellions and with the strong army’s it discouraged attacks. Governments were crucial to the aid in controlling the trade routes because the gold-salt trade was important and were a main income within the kingdoms. The kingdoms and cities of Africa did all these massive accomplishments without the aid of the European. Which is impressive because the Europeans had these things within their governments, but the African people were starting from
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