African Influence On Mexican American Culture

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It can be argued that Mexican and Peruvian heritage have been influenced by African traditions and genealogy. During the 17th and 18th century, slaves were transported to Latin America. Within Latin America, slaves were expensive and viewed as a luxury, rather than a commodity. As a result of the high price of slaves; slaves would be treated with slight dignity within Mexican culture.
Due to this acceptance, Mexican food would be heavily influenced by traditional African food. The film talks about similarities of Hispanic food and African food such as mogo mogo, fufu, and fried ducka. It can be debated that these foods were first cooked by slaves and later fused together with Spanish foods. Due to this cultural acceptance of food; historical paintings would also show that slaves would be secretly intertwined within Mexican culture.
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One popular paining is of Vicente Guerrero, one of Mexico’s generals, whom lead the fight of Mexico’s independence.
Vicente Guerrero was of black heritage, which his Spanish enemies would mock him because of his cultural background. With the help of other Black Mexicans, Vicente Guerrero would win the war, become Mexico’s second President, and quickly abolish slavery. With this in mind, Peru’s culture would also have African influence.
The Spanish imported an estimated one hundred thousand African Slaves to Peru in an attempt to replace the indigenous population of working within the sugar plantations and silver mines. Due to this heavy influx of slaves, Peru’s cultural would be influenced by music and dance
Peru’s music has a style of music and dance known as Afro-Peru: a mixture of African and Peru culture. Within the music, the music has a style of soul. The dance is highly energetic and sensual, which can be traced back to African
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