African Learners And Native Speakers

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Corpus Linguistics: The use of But in Non- Native learners and Native Speakers

Discourse connective signal discourse coherence by making discourse relations explicit and by playing a role in the organization and structure of information in discourse. Therefore, their use in L2 writing is an important field of study that is likely to have implications for discourse competence both at the sentence-level discourse and at the level of larger discourse structure. The present study aims to account the use of discourse connective but in the argumentative essays written by non-native learners of English (NNS) and native speakers of American English (ALOCNESS). The patterns of use by L2 learners are compared with those of native speakers. The study reveals that the argumentative essays of non-native learners of English and American students do not differ significantly regarding the discourse connective but neither structurally nor semantically.

Key words: discourse connective, non-native learners , native speakers

Learning a second or foreign language is a complicated process as successful foreign language learning requires the learner to demonstrate high levels of communicative competence, and achieving communicative competence is the main objective in many English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms. There has been widespread recognition among second language acquisition (SLA) researchers that SLA is not…
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