African Literature : Is It Truly Authentic?

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African Literature: Is it Truly Authentic? Now lets just say an Anthropologist went on to study an African cultural group in Nigeria. Now let 's consider that Anthropologist went on to live exactly like that African group, and the Anthropologist decided to report his findings as if an individual from that cultural group was writing about the experience. Now think about the controversy that will be caused, and the debate regarding if this is truly African experience. Ever since the mid 1700’s to 1800’s, European countries were taking interest in colonizing African countries. Since then there has been many works of literature that came from Africa from people who have European ancestry in them. On one side, people would argue that these writers are authentic African writers. On the other hand, some would disagree that these writers are authentic African writers because of the European influence within the writing. One African writer in particular Ngugi, believes that to be truly authentic, African literature must be written in an African language;however, another African writer Chinua Achebe thinks the opposite of Ngugi. In Achebe’s novel, “Things Fall Apart” the novel takes place in postcolonial Africa viewed in the eyes of an African instead of the European. Many people have debated whether if these writers are to be considered authentic African writers. To start off, Ngugi’s views on authentic African writers discriminates against other African literature. To be more
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