African Male Humanity And Authenticity Is Disoriented By Using A Lesson Plan

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Like it or not, we all have a bias world view and unconsciously judge people by their races, skin colors, and appearance. We have attempted to eliminate racial inequality by establishing Human Rights Law, creating programs to support the need, and teaching new generation by using a lesson plan. However, it is hard to eliminate racial discrimination completely when we still see it every day. The media is one of the main sources of racism. We see ambiguous scenes of people and believe that what the movie portrays is true. The depiction of black male in films is distorted and usually engaged in aggression, gangster, masculinity, drugs, and murder. In the Persistence of Whiteness, Keith argues that “black masculinity is reiterated in notions of aggression, submission, and criminality and simultaneously repositioned within notions of collective and historical victimhood and denied and delayed state justice”. In this paper, I will explain how individual black male humanity and authenticity is disoriented by using the two films, Juice (1992) and Do the Right Thing (1989).
First of all, black youngsters behave like a gangster in order to gain respect and reputation as it is shown in many films. One of the examples is the film Juice, directed and written by Ernest R. Dickerson in 1992. In the beginning of the movie, the four youths, who live in Harlem, are innocent and enjoy their lives like other normal teenagers. The “wreckin’ crew” includes Q, Raheem, Steel, and Bishop. One of the…

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