African Myths ' Name Of Myth ' Nama And The Elephant '

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African Myths Name of myth - The name of the myth is Nama and the Elephant. What people told the myth? In what region of Africa did they live in? - African people told the myth. They lived in a village in the south of Africa. Describe the main characters of the myth - The main characters of the myth are Nama and the elephant. Nama is a beautiful woman who is miserable because she is married to an elephant. The elephant is rich and kind. The elephant loves Nama, but Nama does not love him back. Briefly describe the myth - The myth is about an elephant who pays a man to marry his daughter, Nama. Nama is heartbroken, and she spends her days in the palace without leaving it. She finally asks the elephant if he could let her go. He…show more content…
He is very small and strange-looking. Kao-Liang is the bravest and most popular soldier in the city. Briefly describe the myth - The myth was about the Dragon King taking all of the city’s water. He did this by using two magic vats that could never be filled no matter how much water was put in them. Only one man knew how to get the water back. It was the stranger with the curly hair. He told the general that the bravest soldier in the city (Kao-Liang) must pierce the vats with the sharpest lance. The stranger gave specific commands of what to do after Kao-Liang pierced the vats. One of the orders was to not look back until his horse had taken one hundred paces. Koa-Liang agreed, and he rode out to the vats and pierced them. In excitement, he looked back one pace to early. The water from the vats drowned him. What do you think the purpose and theme of this myth was - The purpose of this myth was to explain sacrifice. Kou-Liang sacrificed himself to get the water back to the city. One theme of the story was people should not take anything for granted. The people of the city took water for granted. Once Kao-Liang gave his life for water, the people finally stopped taking water as granted. Items become more appreciated if a sacrifice has been made for them. Australian Myths Name of myth - The title of the myth is How the Native Bear Lost His Tail. What people told this myth? What modern country do they live in? Australian people told this myth. They live in
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