African Nations Should Not Sign Epa With Eu

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African Nations should not Sign EPA with EU Over the course of time, there have been incorporations of multiple agreements all around the world between developing, industrialized countries and third world countries. These agreements are often depicted as a form of advancement and growth for all the parties that are involved. However, this is not always the case, as it is often common that one(some) of the parties becomes affected in a negative manner. While the other party(ies) finds ways to take advantage of the situation and profit from it. One clear example of this is the North American Free Trade Agreement which was implemented between Canada, Mexico and the United States, with the purpose of removing barriers to exchange goods and services to improve the economy. Though, the outcomes of this trade agreement have generally been the opposite of what its primary goal was. As well as the countries mentioned previously, Africa is stumbling upon a similar situation with the European Union. The EU, would like to implement the Economic Partnership Agreement in African countries. Although, the propositions offered by the EU in regards of the (EPA) seem to be valuable for Africa’s progression, it is more likely that the Economic Partnership Agreement will cause negative effects towards Africa’s economic, political and social position. It is important to mention the role that the governments play when coming across deals such as the EPA. Since, the distribution of political
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