African Of African American Culture

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There is no doubt that African Americans have a rich cultural background and history like the many different ethnic groups who settled in the New World, whose origins lie in another country. For this reason, America was known as the melting pot. However, the backgrounds of each of these cultures were not always understood or, in the case of African Americans, accepted among the New World society and culture. Americans were ignorant to the possibility of differences among groups of people until information and ideas started to emerge, particularly, the African retention theories. This sparked an interest in the field of African culture and retention in African Americans. However, the study of African American culture truly emerged as a result of increased awareness in America, specifically through the publication and findings of scholarly research and cultural events like the Harlem Renaissance where all ethnicities were able to see this rich historical culture of African Americans. There were many who became dedicated to this field of study, but two of the most predominant researchers and scholars of the African retention theories were Lorenzo Turner and Melville Herskovits. While both researchers examined different aspects of culture, Herskovits and Turner were both convinced that there was indeed African retention in African American culture and society (Wade-Lewis 402). Turner specifically researched linguistic retention, while Herskovits researched many aspects of the
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