African Of The African Slave Trade

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Throughout mankind people have been discriminated. They have been discriminated because of their gender, race, height, weight, and much more. Back in the day they did not have laws to protect those who were getting discriminated against, and it got out of hand. One of the largest scale attempts at genocides to ever occur was slavery. The African Slave Trade, spanning almost 350 years was a horrid genocide that killed millions of Africans, as well as wiping out villages.
Slavery began in the fourteen hundreds when Portugal sent a voyage down the west coast of Africa. They did this because Africa had resources such as gold, fabrics, and spices. During this period of time Portugal dominated the world in trading for almost 200 years. As well as dominating the world the black plaque was going around but because Portugal 's physical isolation, they were left untouched. Also because they were in contact with Islam they were very advanced in math and sailing skills (Ross, The Portuguese in Africa). “African exports consisted primarily of gold, ivory, and pepper. However, over 175,000 slaves were also taken to Europe and the Americas during this period. In 1600, with the involvement of the Dutch and English, the magnitude of the Slave Trade rose exponentially” (Ross, The Portuguese in Africa). The journeys to Africa started out as a resource exchange but later turned into the beginning of slavery.
New world slavery began with Jamestown, Virginia 1619. It began when the colony…

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