African Slave Labor

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Africans are the main reason for the evolution of the atlantic. Slave labor was how most colonies were able to obtain cash crops or find find gold and silver mines in certain areas. African American slaves had the access to the economic resources that gave the parts of the atlantic its wealth.
From being taken from their land with no explanation, the journey of middle passage is not hardship they expected to face. Africans were plied onto the bottom of ships packed together in the hundreds. The trip from Africa to the western continents of the atlantic was a horrific journey for them.
Majority of the African immigrants came from four regions west central Africa. An eighteen percent of African immigrants came from the Bight of Biafra. The african immigrants that came from Bight of Biafra were mostly found in Maryland and Virginia. Another group of african immigrants that made up
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The resurrection hope for African Caribbean people begins not with a greater accessibility of material goods, consumer durables, or acquisition of increased amounts, more money etc., but rather commences in the minds of our people. hi conclusion, then, the Middle Passage was a 400-year event that brutalized millions of enslaved Africans. Since that point in time, descendants of African Caribbean people in Britain continue to live their lives within a matrix of crucifixion, the Holy Saturday and the resurrection. The crucifixion of our being has left an existential wound that will remain with many of us for a long time to
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