African Slave Trade

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1. A: Source B states that White indentured servants “flourished concurrently” despite of the rise of African slave trade. Source B goes on to state that most American colonies “became dependent on Africans” only after relying on white indentured servants and Native American labour first. Some American colonies, the source writes, even never used African labour. These are three facts the source lists to prove that Africanization of slavery in the Americas was not inevitable.
B: Source D is portraying the effect of Atlantic slave trade on Africa, Europe and only North America. The cartoon depicts a pile of gold stacked on the continent of Europe and North America, and African is shown to be dug up completely. The message this cartoon portrays is that Atlantic slave trade helped North America and Europe to become rich, and caused complete exhaustion of all the resources in Africa.

2: The origin of Source A is from History Today Magazine 1997, which was written by John Geipel. Hence, this is a secondary source. John Geipel is an historian and the author of several articles and books. The purpose of this source is to express the author’s view on the role and effect Africans had on Brazil economy. The source outlines the role African had in Brazil, such as their role in sugar industry, mining and in skilled professions in urban centers. The value of the Source A is that it is a secondary source from an authority figure in this area of history. Another value is that the source…

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