African Slavery And Slavery Case Study

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1. With the expansion of cotton-based plantations and slavery, what role did African Americans play in undermining slavery?

There are a couple of rules that African-American played and undermining slavery. For example, African Americans that did not want to work would often break the tools that they have to work with. Another example of African-Americans undermining slavery would be them working very slow. There are some bigger ways to African-Americans undermine slavery. those ways are them running away from their slave masters. The African Americans that would break the tools in order to stop working what do this for one obvious reason to stop working. They would also buy them time to make a new tool which was probably an easier
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this will only hurt his wallet Plantation is a little Plantation but if it's a big Plantation then that one slave that run away from the plantation would not hurt the slave owners while it because all the slaves that work on the plantation it's making a whole bunch of money and he could just go by two or more slaves. one slave can produce enough money for the slave owner to buy two or more slaves. so that one slave that runs away would not hurt the big plantation slave masters wallet.

4. Why were black men prevented from fighting during the Civil War? Why was this ban overturned and what was the consequence?

A main reason why black male what prevented from fighting in the Civil War because this world was a white man War. Abraham Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union the best way you could. most of the black volunteers that wanted to join in the Civil War were ejected. the reason why this happened was that ever Abraham Lincoln wanted to have white men to fight the war and the white man would be Victorious without the black man. the band that prevented a black man from fighting in the war was overturned because Lincoln would do anything to preserve the Union.Then Frederick Douglass had to ask Abraham Lincoln to allow African-Americans to fight in the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln had denied Frederick Douglass. after this the Emancipation
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