African Slavery And The Slave Trade

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Introduction Slavery is the legalized economic activity under which people, especially the natives of a land, are treated as property by colonizers like the Spanish. Slavery was a system that lasted for many years before it was abolished and the Africans as well as the Indians went through a lot of suffering upon the hands of their masters. The slaves were meant to perform duties such as cultivation of the plantations, domestic chores and even mining activities and were on the constant watch of the masters. In many cases, the slaves were bought and sold as commodities and one such trade included the Trans-Atlantic slave trade through which the Portuguese were able to send slaves to Brazil. Slave trade was abundant in Southern America under the Spanish colonies and the presence of Africans in their societies had varying impacts.
African slavery in the Caribbean
The history of the African slavery is multifaceted and quite complex. The Europeans in Latin-America utilized African labor in every possible way they saw fit. The British shipped over 3.1 million Africans through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and brought to the British-owned colonies where they were forced to work in the plantations. These shipments happened between 1662 and 1807. The British were driven into slave trade mainly due to the lack of manpower but others were mainly in for the profits that one could gain from the Caribbean and their homes in Britain. The conditions on the ship were dreadful where they…

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