African Slaves And The Slave Trade

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At the beginning of the fifteenth century the Atlantic slave trade was at its peak. Many believe that only Europeans benefited from having Africans as slaves, but they are wrong. Africans of different tribes would destroy settlements, capture the villagers, and sell them at the market as they were a baked good at a farmer’s market in today’s society. Europeans and Africans both played a major role in the slave trade and are both to blame for the capturing and selling of African slaves. African’s played a much bigger role in the Atlantic Slave trade than the ones being enslaved. King Affonso I was an African King who worked hand-in-hand with the Europeans during the slave trade. He thought since his slaves were either criminals or Prisoners of War it was ok to have them as slaves. When Affonso wanted to quit being part of the slave trade his reign as King began to fall, “Kongo was in disarray and the authority of its ruler greatly undermined” (Stroyer, 706). Affonso started losing control when he could no longer decide what to trade and when to trade with Portugal. Portugal took full advantage of this fall of power and traded as they pleased. Even though King Affonso wanted to stop the slave trade he is still at fault. Almost going forty years with capturing, buying, and selling Africans, wanting to stop wasn’t going to erase what he had done in the past. King Affonso was just one example of an African working with Europeans to make money for his kingdom. Another example of

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