African Wild Dogs Research Paper

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What I am going to talk about is in this paper is African wild dogs and hope you learn some facts about them. In my opinion, they are interesting and hope you think they are too. They very social also and they took good care of their pups. They are good and they are good hunters and let the pups eat before the parents or the aunts or uncles. They can give birth to 10-19 pups at one time. The African Wild Dog, also called a Cape hunting dog or painted dog, typically roams the open plains and sparse woodlands of of Sub Saharan Africa. The pattern for the African Wild Dog’s fur is thought of as camouflage. The African Wild Dogs have only four toes per foot, unlike other dogs, which have five toes on their forefeet. The dogs’s Latin name means…show more content…
African wild dogs run close to prey when hunting while the others fall behind. Then the ones that were behind take over when the front members tire. The dogs have a peculiar rather playful ceremony that bonds them for a common purpose and initiates each hunt. Pups that are old enough to eat solid food are given priority at a kill, even over the dominant pair. African wild dogs have huge home ranges and are constant wanderers. In the Serengeti, the estimated size of each pack’s territory is 1,500 km2.The female dog has a litters of 2 to 20 pups which are cared for by the entire pack. Pups are born every year, usually from March to June. The entire African wild dog pack shares responsibility for protecting the cubs with both males and females babysitting the young. Normally only the male and female reproduce, while other members of the pack help care for the young. Also, the African wild dog once considered a “pest” has become a symbol in…show more content…
In African Wild Dog facts, there is usually only one breeding pair, which are the dominant male and female members. It is thought that the African Wild Dog was once found in nearly 40 different countries, but that number is much lower today, at between 10 and 25. Today the African Wild Dog is listed as an endangered species as African Wild Dogs population number have been rapidly decreasing, particularly in recent years. Due to the relatively large size and dominant nature of African Wild Dog and their packs, they have few natural predators within their natural habitats. They are therefore able to go for a long time without needing to drink. The kingdom of the African Wild Dog is
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