Africana Studies Should Not Be Limited To Studying The

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Africana Studies should not be limited to studying the oppression blacks and the struggle they’ve experienced though that is an important component and the only component usually seen by others. Black studies can be about blacks learning the necessary skills to be constructive members of society, such as financing, business, computer studies, labor laws and the judiciary systems. There are all field that can help the programs once students have mastered them. Having students doing financing can help with simple everyday life budgeting and planning ahead. Studying business as part of the program can introduce students to the possibilities of creating their own business which will result in more black owned businesses. Judiciary practices…show more content…
When Black students demand programs that they can identify with, it often results in segregation. They are often given their own underdeveloped courses that only black students will be a part of. Africana studies programs are usually comprised of mostly blacks who face numerous issues in society that makes them feel isolated from society, such as blacks on one side of the cafeteria and whites on the other, or classes that are deemed not good but is populated by blacks. Several students from poor socioeconomic situations, causes them to be at a disadvantage. They have weak academic expectations and lacking values. There are many black students who lacked sufficient academic preparedness, discipline and good study habits, which led to the lowering of admission standards for black, inner city youths. This adds labels to them such as ‘second-class enrollees.’ Black are often at a disadvantage with this whole program from lack of funding, to no interest from the board and with several black students living in unfavorable conditions that affect their educational progress. “The research institute seems the most attractive and useful instrument to develop serious scholarship in this field. So far, none have succeeded in establishing themselves due to lack of funding and high-quality scholars.”(Huggins, 1985) Through all the negative experiences the program and students experience there was still a demand for the program to
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