Afro-Asian Literature

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1) An Incident Lu Hsun Six years have slipped by since I came from the country to the capital. During that time I have seen and heard quite enough of so-called affairs of state; but none of them made much impression on me. If asked to define their influence, I can only say they aggravated my ill temper and made me, frankly speaking, more and more misanthropic. One incident, however, struck me as significant, and aroused me from my ill temper, so that even now I cannot forget it. It happened during the winter of 1917. A bitter north wind was blowing, but, to make a living, I had to be up and out early. I met scarcely a soul on the road, and had great difficulty in hiring a rickshaw to take me to S---- Gate. Presently the wind dropped a…show more content…
Lu Xun was a fiction writer, editor, translator,critic, essayist and poet. In the 1930s he became the titular head of the Chinese League of the Left-Wing Writers in Shanghai. b) The military and political affairs of those years have forgotten as completely as the classics read in his childhood. Yet this incident keeps coming back, often more vivid than in actual life, teaching me shame, urging me to reform, and giving me fresh courage and hope. c) This was his declaration of war against China’s feudal society. 2) Karma Khushwant Singh Sir Mohan Lal looked at himself in the mirror of a first class waiting room at the railway station. The mirror was obviously made in India. The red oxide at its back had come off at several places and long lines of translucent glass cut across its surface. Sir Mohan smiled at the mirror with an air of pity and patronage. 'You are so very much like everything else in this country, inefficient, dirty, indifferent,' he murmured. The mirror smiled back at Sir Mohan. 'You are a bit of all right, old chap,' it said. 'Distinguished, efficient - even handsome. That neatly-trimmed moustache - the suit from Saville Row with the carnation in the buttonhole - the aroma of eau de cologne, talcum powder and scented soap all about you ! Yes, old fellow, you are a bit of all right.' Sir Mohan threw out his
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